Construction Scaffolding

Construction Scaffolding

About the DAB Group

Like many ‘About’s’ on websites they go into the history and dates etc we could do the same but with today’s technology anyone can find all the details they require so our ‘About’ is what we can do for you in the future or at least have an opportunity to quote for your next contract.

DAB Group was formed basically through organic growth, we needed to formulise our business as it grew into each of its individual disciplines.

We recognise that growing too quickly, over stretching our resources especially in times of plenty more often is worse than during a recession.

So control of our business, recognising our strengths and weaknesses, knowing not to over trade, are all elements that we consider.

We know that our strap line ‘Big enough to cope, Small enough to care’ may seem a bit of a ‘cliché’ but we couldn’t think of any thing that summed up our business better. We have the resources to cope, Labour, Plant, Finances, etc and we have the staff that have been in this business for many years so can't help but care about what we do.